Sustainability matters because it:
Our Role

The UN has identified three interdependent pillars of sustainability and we are excited to be playing our part:

Economic Development

This concerns giving people what they want without compromising quality of life and reducing the financial burden of doing the right thing.

At Vivid Edge we ensure that sustainable projects make commercial sense.
Social Equity

This pillar is about awareness and legislation to protect the health and wellness of people from pollution and other harmful activities of industry and commerce.

At Vivid Edge we identify and enable projects that might not otherwise make sense for an organisation. The positive environmental impact benefits populations as a whole.
Environmental protection

This pillar centres on how we should protect the earth’s ecosystems, the air quality, integrity and sustainability of our natural resources. It addresses the elements that place stress on the environment. It also considers how technology will drive our greener future.

At Vivid Edge we back existing and emerging technologies to help accelerate this journey.

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